Thursday, November 17, 2011

What am I proud of?

Hm.  Well, no one external really asked the question but if I just had to answer the question, it'd probably go a little something like this:

I'm proud of making something out of nothing.  That's what this whole slowly-blooming business is all about, right?  I had an idea, I ran with it.  I'm still running with it.  I haul ass.  Sometimes end up jogging.  Sometimes walking.  Sometimes stopping because I hear the ice cream truck...  But eventually, I pick up my idea and get back with it.

It's hard.  Fa real.  2 kids.  Baby daddy.  Grown up responsibilities.  In an ideal world "I wanna cut and paste allllllll night, and hot glue shit every day." But in my real world, I find stuff around the house, tweek it, combine it, and turn it into something new.  Restoration isn't just about the stuff I make: what it is, was or may one day be.  It's honestly about me.  It's about finding myself.  It's about throwing out what's not me and keeping what is.  It's about finding rest and satisfaction in who I'm created to be and expressing it in my creations.  And more than anything, it's the idea behind it all: restoration.

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