Friday, November 4, 2011


So, my sweet, sweet friend JC is throwing a little party for me this month!  I am so excited!  This coming Tuesday, I will be featuring Christmas wreaths, cards, bows, bunting and pretty much everything else I could think to make!

Call me a craze follower, but I just LOVE wreaths.  We have a vintage fabric wreath in the attic that I adore.  Each year, I anticipate adorning our door with this festive wreath and ringing in our glorious Christmas season with it.  I thought is would be great if I could provide someone else with the excitement and anticipation of a vintage-inspired wreath to hang proudly each year.

Covered with vintage fabric and yarn, these upcycled wreaths have been a delight to create and develop, based on my individual taste, hoping to serve both a modern and traditional audience.  The gray frame pictured will be a brighter, more cheery Christmas frame wreath, with teal, pink and purple flowers and vintage ornaments.  I'm really enjoying getting ready for the Holiday season.  Sorry, turkey.  Not trying to overshadow you, but St. Nick is just around the corner!

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