Thursday, September 29, 2011

"That bug is Ca-Razy"

Let me tell you a little bit about Ms. Aileen and Ms. Sarah.  They are amazing.  Just simply amazing.  The things they come up with for these kids are wonderful.  Yesterday, I wrote an R-I-Y for the ladybug craft and today I got to carry it out with our little friends.

On the way to school, Adalai said "Mom, this is way better than a regular day because today, instead of leaving when you drop me off, you get to stay!"  (Please remember that, cutie pie, when I drop you off to 7th grade and decide to hang out all day).  We sat the 7 children down 4 at a time.  Do the math.  What does that mean?  My daughter did it twice. :) We laid out the bodies, wings and heads and poked our little holes for the brads.  I had the kids pick out 6 buttons for the spots, then 2 googly eyes for the eyes.  It was so fun to see how excited yet attentive these little 3 and 4 year olds were.

It's great to see kids get excited about art!  It's great to see them put 5 spots on a wing and 1 on the other, instead of classic symmetry.  It's great to see them mull over closely which buttons to choose, and then take such pride after they've finished.  I hope they never lose that!

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