Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cleaning House

I did it! I really, really did! On Saturday (don't judge me that I wrote a blog like I was about to clean immediately and then put it off for over 24 hours), I had no kids and got to work! I stopped, like any fun-loving, over-stimulated, attention-deficit adult would, and got on pinterest about every, oh, 5 minutes or so. My task seemed amazingly overwhelming!

After about my 3rd break, there was a knock at the door. A couple of neighborhood kids came by, asking if they could hang out. I told them I was kid free and cleaning so I wasn't too much fun today. They stared blankly. Then said "Ok, well, can we help you clean?" Um, YES. So they did! They moved markers, party supplies, stamps, helped themselves to tomato sandwiches, and took out trash. It was unbelievable.

Later during the day, as I was admiring my clean table and room, a couple more kids stopped by. And suddenly, we had ourselves an art class! We sat down and wrote poems and drew pictures and took turns teaching (with the help of a nicely re-purposed chalk board) how to fold paper and draw people. Who knew what an amazing outcome cleaning up an incredibly overwhelming room would be!

When I joined Crown Town Handmade, I thought a lot about "crafting for the greater good". No, I did not post it as an ad campaign on PBS or anything. But I know that it starts somewhere. Kids need outlets. Adults need outlets. And when we find what that looks like for us, it's amazing to share that space and integrate those aspects of our lives with others.

The moral? Yes, it may be overwhelming. No, you may not want to do it (a universal "it"; Whatever is haunting you). Pinterest may oh-so-softly whisper your name and beckon you away. But there is a purpose. You are gifted for a reason and it's so you can give back part of what you've been given. The first step is movement.

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  1. Great before and after! I want to come to art class! :)