Wednesday, September 28, 2011

R-I-Y Mommy-style: Ladybugs

I am fortunate enough to have my daughter enrolled in a phenomenal preschool with a more-than-phenomenal set of teachers.  This week is "B for Button" week and I was honored to be asked to lead a kiddie craft!  The theme of the class is ladybugs so anything ladybug related is welcomed with open arms. As my debut of crafty momma, I decided to do a simple craft that tied in all the themes!

1 Black Paper Circle
1 Black Smaller Black Paper Circle
2 Red Paper Half Circles
6 Black Buttons
1 Brad
2 Googly Eyes

And here it is.  An R-I-Y in pictures:
B is for Button Brads!

B is for Buttons!

Step 1: Draw circles for bodies, heads and wings.  (hint: always use alcohol related items when crafting for kids.  Notice beer glass)

Step 2: Cut red circles in half for wings.

Step 3: Attach Head and wings to body with brad.

Step 4: Glue on some cutie pie little googly eyes and some cutie buttons and you are good to go!

A super simple, cute craft for kids!  Easy and manageable for preschool class (I'm assuming, anyway) and not a lot of prep time.  Simplicity is the way to go!

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