Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Restore-It-Yourself-Lettering Tutorial

Alright, readers and faithful followers (ahem, all TWO of you. Tell your friends and add some more as I shamelessly self-promote), time for my very first R-I-Y post! Simple though it may seem, here is an easy way to craft your own initials.

-glue gun
-cardboard (from toy boxes, pizza, anything Trader Joe's related, trash...)

Step 1--

What's that you say?  Your daughter turned 4 and you have about 100 Polly Pocket boxes?  Well, pick one and trace your letter and begin to cut!

Step 2--
Grab your glue gun and get ready!

Step 3--
Cut a scrap of fabric about the size of your letter and glue letter to it, right side down.

Step 4--
After gluing right side down, begin to shape fabric around letter, leaving 1/2" space to fold over edges.

Step 5--
Fold extra fabric over edges and glue to letter.

Step 6--

Admire your lovely, super cheap, upcycled legit letter and place it proudly in your home!

And there you little cutie pies have it!  A super easy, very crafty, uber "green", upcycled and restored household craft.  Enjoy!

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